Charline Ducas

Chemistry In Textile Production: Why Is It a Concern And What Can Be Done About It? tl_files/calender/unionjack.png

in Munich, on Tuesday 13th November 2012 at 15h30
by Charline Ducas, Sustainable Materials Specialist of Textile Exchange

Charline Ducas joined Textile Exchange in 2009 and serves as Textile Sustainability Specialist. She is native French and is based in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Her main areas of focus include the development of knowledge, information, training tools and education events to support the integration of more sustainable practices and increase the integrity in the textile industry. In that capacity she is able to combine her passion for textile, innovation and sustainability. Previously, Charline has spent 6 years in Germany at adidas headquarters, working in various roles of materials research and development. Her education background includes a Master's of Science in textile engineering.

Fostered by campaigns and commitments to Zero Discharge, responsible processing and chemical management has become very high on many companies’ agenda. In this session we will discuss why and where chemical processes are used in the textile production chain and why this can be of concern. We will as well elaborate on some of the approaches that can be developed to address this area including chemical selection, cleaner production, third party certification and innovative technologies.

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