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Topics that should be discussed in future presentations

Presentations in Munich 03-04th November 2015       
tl_files/bilder/Speeches Images/2013 November/Logo 3.pngKeynote Topic "Athleisure - Rethinking Performance Knits"

Presentations in Munich 28th-29th April 2015       
Keynote Topic "A responsible Approach To Wool"

Presentations in Munich 4th-5th November 2014       

Presentations in Munich 13th-14th May 2014       

Presentations in Munich 19th-21st November 2013       

Presentations in Munich 15th-16th May 2013        

Presentations in Munich 12th-14th November 2012                              

Presentations in Munich 9th-10th May 2012                              

Presentations in Annecy 24th-25th November 2011                             

Presentations in Munich 21st-22nd November 2011                              

Presentations in Munich 16th-17th May 2011

Presentations in Annecy 12th-13th May 2011

Presentations in Annecy 23th-24th November 2010

Presentations in Munich 18th-18th November 2010

Presentations in Annecy 19th-20th April 2010

Presentations in Munich 13th-15th April 2010


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