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Airtrade Travel Agency,

Airtrade is one of leading, well-established travel agencies concentrating on managing tours in accordance with exhibitions; consisting of airfare ticketing, transportation reservation service, lodging, visa obtaining, and provision. With over 20 years of experience, Airtrade have provided its profession in the field of Exhibitors' journey; making our service aligned to meet business tourists' need.

Airtrade's largest national fair is held in Europe, followed by the U.S., Russia, Asia, Mid-East, China, and South Africa. Our business supports 150 events annually, amounting to 8,000 members, through dozens of industries such as IT, electricity, Housewares, hardware, machinery, textile, medicine, giveaway, auto parts, and eatables. Our Alliance is included, ACE, AIT Commercial Sec., CGN Messe, CTPA, DUS Messe, FRA Messe, Golden Seal, HAJ Messe, LABC, NUE Messe, PERFORMANCE DAYS, TAITRA, TAMI, TBEA, TCMA, TEEMA, Today, TSMA, TTF, Wesexpo, Wheel Giant, ...... and the forth.


ClimatePartner is a leading business solutions provider for climate protection and supports companies across all sectors in creating growth potential through voluntary climate protection. The international climate protection specialist is certified by Austria's technical inspection authority (TÜV) as a provider of IT system solutions for efficient carbon management, including carbon balancing and offsetting.

ClimatePartner makes it possible for clients to fully and efficiently integrate climate protection solutions into their value chain. The company was founded in 2006 with headquarters in Munich and operates with an additional office in Berlin since 2013. It has subsidiaries in Austria and Switzerland, as well as partners in Armenia, Greece, Japan, and the USA. ClimatePartner collaborates closely with environmental associations and provides experts for various international committees.

Fair Wear Foundation, www.fairwear.orgtl_files/press-releases/Partnership/FairWear_Logo.jpg

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is an independent, non-profit organisation that works with companies and factories to improve labour conditions for garment workers.

FWF’s 80 member companies represent over 120 brands, and are based in seven European countries; member products are sold in over 20,000 retail outlets in more than 80 countries around the world. FWF is active in 15 production countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.

FWF keeps track of the improvements made by the companies it works with. And through sharing expertise, social dialogue and strengthening industrial relations, FWF increases the effectiveness of the efforts made by companies.

ASPOM, www.aspom.comtl_files/press-releases/Partnership/get a job_aspom.gif

The specialised Sport & Lifestyle recruitment agency will allow you to target people giving some interest and working in this industry but also to target people from others environment able to bring you a real added value. ASPOM experience in Management job positions, in different brands, allow them to note by themselves the specific needs you are facing today. ASPOM will bring its knowledge in this industry added to its professionalism in Human Resources.

DTB Dialog für Textil-Bekleidung, tl_files/press-releases/Partnership/DTB.JPG

The dialogue Textile Garments was established in 1985 at the home of Willy Bogner, Munich. Companies from the entire textile chain come together in working groups to handle questions and problems and create solutions.

In the chain of textile and clothing industries are the core tasks of the DTB on issues of improving the quality of the products, the requirements on environment and sustainability, information exchange and cooperation between the partners in the textile and clothing industry and trade.

Currently, the DTB has 192 members from 7 European countries. In our projects related to product safety in the development phase, the area is being processed functional textiles.

The DTB is in cooperation with CHT Beitlich publisher of the brochure coated materials and is currently working with the Hohenstein Institutes,a set of requirements for functional textiles.


ESMOD, www.esmod.detl_files/press-releases/Partnership/Logo_esmod.jpg

Workshop and industry cooperations are very thrilling for ESMOD Munich students. Therefore, ESMOD Munich presents projects as the mini-collection “Sportswear meets Fashion” in May 2012, the moodboard exhibition “Sport and Comfort” in November 2012, or the minicollection “ESMOD goes sporty!”… at PERFORMANCE DAYS functional fabric fair.

All projects are supported by functional fabrics sponsored by the fair. The cooperation is supposed to inspire ESMOD-students considering sportswear design as future job sector and help to connect students with the sportwear industry. A jury consisting of ESMOD-teachers and professionals from different branches select the best works to be presented at the fair. The presentations are spectacular and are displayed to a wide and international range of professionals and visitors. We are also looking forward to the next projects…



tl_files/bilder/teaser/LogoEurosima_small2.jpgThe desire to federate and promote common interests of the boardsports industry originated in the United States in the early 90s, when the leaders of the American brands felt the need to master the various trends emerging from the explosion of this market.

In this context, SIMA was created (Surf Industry Manufacturers Association), which according to the saying, “strength through unity”, has been able to unite and structure surf brands enabling them to evolve together, while keeping in mind and respecting the “boardriding spirit”.

A few years later, leading European brands such as Rip Curl, Billabong, Quiksilver, Rusty, Gotcha and Hoff, decided to launch the same experience and in 1999 created EuroSIMA (European Surf Industry Manufacturers Association) on the same ideas as its American model.

Building on its solid success, in 2005, EuroSIMA opened its membership to companies of all “boardsports” origins: surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding and created a "Mountain Division". Since then, many events and actions took place in the sector and EuroSIMA is now recognized as the European Association of boardsports companies.

In January 2008, the association integrated the EuroSIMA Cluster to create a network of private and public actors, focused on the promotion and development of the boardsports sector in the Aquitaine region of France. This association of private and public actors has enabled EuroSIMA to considerably increase its span of action in such fields as innovation and R&D, employment and training, sustainable development and economic resources.

Today, EuroSIMA has 92 members, who are active in the boardsports world, including 61 brands and 31 service providers.

IDEAS, tl_files/exhibitors/large/Logo_IDEAS_Association.png

IDEAS Active Sports Design Network was founded in 1996. Offering design services to an industry which has started acting global very early, the founders of the association felt the need to establish a business platform and show-case for professionally qualified sports-related apparel, product and graphic designers. Not only to attract visitors from all around the globe, but also to obtain wider recognition of high-quality sports fashion and product design. Therefore membership to IDEAS is very selective and only experienced freelance working design studios are welcome.

IDEAS is exhibiting regularly at important trade-fairs for the sports industry like ISPO show (Munich/ Germany), Outdoor show (Friedrichshafen/ Germany) and PERFORMANCE DAYS.

A special focus of the unique association is the exchange among the members about future trends in sports. Years ago IDEAS has started to publish a colour forecast based upon this exchange and input of its international members and their deep knowledge of the market. In the meantime the IDEAS colour forecast is sold to companies all over the globe. The buyers appreciate the authenticity and expertise of this forecast - made by insiders of the sports industry for the sports industry.

IDEAS invites the sports industry to get in touch with the group´s design professionals and to find out about their individual visions for active wear, sports fashion, sports equipment, graphics and more.; www.messen.detl_files/press-releases/Partnership/messende_4c.jpg is a free, editorial kept fair calendar, which provides business and private clients, acting as visitors or exhibitors, easy
and quick access to current fairs of all sectors and areas of interest.


Massage Division; www.massagedivision.comtl_files/press-releases/Partnership/Massage Division.jpg

Massage Division is a professional, customised, stop & go massage service to clients of events.

Established in 2006, working with hundreds of experienced physiotherapists, carrying out 50 000 massages per year in 10 European countries – looking forward to be relaxing YOU next!


Outdoor Sports Valley,

tl_files/bilder/teaser/logo-arial-et-O-JO small.jpgOutdoor Sports Valley refers to the outdoor sports industry area which covers  the sweep of the Alps from Grenoble to Innsbruck. Whilst this region is not in actual fact a valley, the expression is used as a metonymy to represent the mountain outdoor sports and snow sports industry in general.

Annecy, with its 2018 Winter Olympics bid, its fantastic geographic location and its high density of businesses is the natural capital of the European outdoor sports area.

The Outdoor Sports Valley is defined by its economic activity, consequently its boundaries are imprecise and constantly evolving. The expression does not describe an administrative entity, but rather a region where tens of thousands are employed in the sport and leisure industry, where the head offices of most of the companies in the sector are located and, above all, a playground which is the only one of its kind on earth.


Sportsella, www.sportsella.detl_files/press-releases/Partnership/Sportsella_Logo.jpg +

Sportsella is the only totally independent portal coaching retailers of sport products in the german-speaking internet and is unique in the sport branch world-wide. Top
branded sport products entrust with the production and the distribution of online-coaching sessions.Sportsella coaching is free of charge for participants! Sportsella E-Training is intended for the exclusive use of sporting goods sales staff. Sporting goods retailers can register, free of charge, to participate in an online-training and also win prizes. The training units are produced by professionals of the branch and in close coordination with the manufacturer's product managers., www.spoteo.detl_files/press-releases/Partnership/Spotep_Logo.jpg is the news and press portal about innovate sport products and sport technologies. Here you learn today which new sports product is available to purchase in sporting products stores tomorrow!


WGSN, www.wgsn.comtl_files/press-releases/Partnership/WGSN.png

WGSN is the world’s leading strategic style intelligence and trend forecasting business. It combines cutting edge technology, big data and passionate experts to enable creative companies to make smarter business decisions. WGSN provides challenge, knowledge, inspiration and insight to our partners and clients to create a more innovative tomorrow.


Taiwan Textile Federation, tl_files/exhibitors/large/Logo_ttf.png

The Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) was founded on November 25, 1975. Over the years, TTF has gradually adapted to meet the needs of the textile industry, expanding its functions to market promotion, product design, fashion information analysis, online information, technology training, collection and analysis of marketinformation,certification of functional textiles, publications of textile information, issuance of Certificate of Origin, and other textile-related services.  TTF has acquired ISO 9001 certification from the British Standards Institution (BSI) for quality control systems, thus substantiating its competence to provide the best services for Taiwan textile industry.

TTF will continue to serve Taiwan textile industry with active, aggressive, creative and enthusiastic attitudes, and assist Taiwan textile industry to make the most effective use of advanced knowledge and technology. TTF will also facilitate upgrading the product design, technical research, marketing, information exchange and management for the entire industry so as to bring a bright future to Taiwan textile industry.

TTF organizes Taiwan textile businesses to participate in important international textile exhibitions and trade shows each year, held throughout Europe, America, Asia and the Pacific region in order to assist Taiwan's textile exporters promoting global textile markets.

TTF also hosts the Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show (TITAS) and the Taipei IN Style(TIS)every year to facilitate market expansion for domestic and international companies. In addition, TTF is entrusted to provide textile businesses with customized services in marketing and promotion. Simultaneously, TTF is actively engaged in building business connections with international buyers and brands so as to grasp market demand trend and assist textile businesses with collaborative market promotion strategy.