Charline Ducas

Recycled Man-Made Fibers

presented at Performance Days
in Munich, on Wednesday 9th May 2012 at 15h30
by Charline Ducas, Sustainable Materials Specialist of Textile Exchange

Charline Ducas is the Sustainable Materials Specialist for Textile Exchange. She is native French and is based in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Charline joined Textile Exchange (formerly Organic Exchange) in October 2009 and works towards the integration of sustainability in the textile and fashion value chains. Her main areas of focus include development of knowledge and information, training and education, creation of industry solutions and working with other organisations and experts to continually accelerate sustainable practices and increase the integrity in the textile industry. In that capacity she is able to combine her passion for textile, innovation and sustainability. Previously, Charline has spent 6 years in Germany at adidas headquarters, working in various roles of materials research and development. In her last role she was responsible for materials innovation and amongst other projects supported the development of adidas’ product sustainability initiatives.Her education background includes a Master's of Science in textile engineering.

Recycled polyester and recycled nylon are becoming integral part of many companies Corporate Responsibility programs. Yet, they are fibers not fully known and understood by all. This session will outline the business case for integrating such materials in collection, bring insight into the different recycling processes, their environmental footprint, their quality performance and availability but as well highlight the different certification schemes available to back up claims.

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